Past Work

I am interested exploring the sense of dislocation that I experience when driving along the same routes day-in and day-out, punctuated by a haphazard awareness of the usually unnoticed.  The urban / suburban infrastructure I see is pervasive and invasive, yet invisible. It mirrors a Western culture obsessed with mobility and convenience, security and order.  We use sameness to provide predictability and comfort. Sometimes I slip over the edge, past this point of comfort.  I feel no sense of place and in a strange way that disrupts my sense of self.  I work to transform these disjointed memories of an anonymous landscape into a study of presence and absence, of dislocation and intense focus.


Cityscapes Multi Panel
Cityscapes Painting
Cityscapes Multi Panel
Cityscapes Mixed Media Drawings
Cityscapes Mixed Media Drawings Trafficscapes