I Really Ought to Write Something About This Damn Coronavirus….

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I guess everyone else who blogs photography has either totally ignored the pandemic or is practically crushed by it.  I think I’m in the “crushed” category….  I’m safe and well, limiting my contacts and always wearing a mask to cut down on potential contamination.  However, that also means no shooting people – one of my FAVORITE things.  I see folks doing the drive-by “porch portraits” with long lenses – and I just bought a long zoom for my GFX system – but I have no enthusiasm for organizing that. 

This spring was supposed to be a start of regional travel to shoot landscapes and models in the environment.  Now, getting on a plane and renting a car would be cheap – but risky.  Not to mention shooting with people.  If you consider the subject – environmental nudes – I’m likely to be dozens or even hundreds of feet from the model. I would have to drive out together in a vehicle and drive between locations – so some exposure there.  It really takes the fun out of it….

Every once in a while, I have thoughts of some of the potential opportunities just staying in the area.  I have done some location scouting.  I have added props to my Amazon list for photo projects.  While I was writing this blog I suddenly decided to pull the trigger on a hat that won’t be delivered until September – but I’m not planning on doing anything even then….  Lots of other potential shoots on the list.  Several models have had discussions about things we could shoot – one of these days.  Is this COVID depression?

Some days I do wonder if I can still take pictures!  It’s almost like I’m forgetting how to compose, how to style, how to direct.  Once I had a friend tell me to be careful getting into commercial photography – it would be soul-sucking and corrupt my art work.  I will say that the years I did lots of commercial work did put pressure on my art – although I do remember at least a couple of moments where the art contributed to some great commercial work.  I will say I feel that there was a change as I passed through other people’s project and came out on the other side back to doing my projects.  I did have a portfolio reviewer once say that my work was looking more commercial….  Oooppps. 

I do love photography.  Much of my recent work has been exploring the neighborhood and the views off my mid-rise balcony.  I have loved seeing the light and the color.  I am hoping the enforced waiting will have me think more about work and about my work.  I have been looking at images and watching a few photographer documentaries.  Lots of food for thought.  If anyone has ideas to shoot or a desire to be photographed – drop me a note!

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