On the Canal

This is the second blog post on my return from the pandemic.  We finally made the opportunity to return to France and get back on the canals.  The image illustrating this blog post is our canal boat tied up near a lock with a delightful … Continue readingOn the Canal

Back to Work!?

How are you doing with your “pandemic recovery?”  I have been considering getting back to work – but here’s what I’ve found.  First, it’s a lot of two-steps-forward-one-step-back.  Yes you can travel, but the airlines are having staffing issues and not all places are managing … Continue readingBack to Work!?

Focus with Your Thumb

How do you focus your camera?  I’m assuming that you use the autofocus function of your camera.  Even if you’re manually focusing, this post might offer you some interest.  Did you know that autofocus predates digital?  In the 1990’s, technology started appearing in 35mm cameras.  … Continue readingFocus with Your Thumb

Image Capture Format

This is a topic as sensitive as religion or gender preference.  It really shouldn’t be – the image captured is the important part.  It’s the choice of the RAW (unprocessed) image files from your camera or the processed JPG image files.  Do you know where … Continue readingImage Capture Format